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Past events

Making CCS happen - Country by Country
The European Commission and Member States are currently holding dialogues regarding the National Energy and Climate Action Plans for 2030. While the final versions will have to be submitted by...
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Does CCS work? Or is carbon capture an unproven technology?
In this webinar, CCS Europe director Chris Davies explored the claims that carbon capture and storage is an immature technology. We heard how CO2 is separated and captured, and using...
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Carbon capture and storage: Should we love it or hate it?
What is CCS and what does it do?  Is it practical?  Is it safe?  Do we need it, and if so for what, and on what scale?  Does it allow...
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MEP Breakfast: Can the Net-Zero Industry Act be a turning point for Carbon and Capture Deployment in the EU?
Major industrial emitters have no means of achieving emission reductions on the scale needed to achieve net-zero without capturing CO2 and sending it for permanent storage. Cement, lime, steel, chemicals,...
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Role and importance of CCS in the Net-Zero Industry Act
Members of the ITRE and ENVI Committees will be aware as they discuss the Net-Zero Industry Act that major industrial sectors - cement, lime, steel, chemicals, waste-to-energy - can see...
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The Path to Net-Zero: Accelerating CCS in Central and Eastern Europe
As CCS Europe we are happy to participate to “The Path to Net-Zero: Accelerating CCS in Central and Eastern Europe” conference. CCS stakeholders from Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries,...
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No net zero without CCS
Join us as we mark the official unveiling of our new campaign body with a roundtable discussion in the European Parliament.
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