CCS: the pathway to decarbonise European industry

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The significant but not dramatic shift to the right in the European Parliament gives a stronger voice to those who will argue for less emphasis on climate policy.
On the back of CCS Europe’s one-year anniversary, we take a look back to what has proven to be a breakout year for CCS.

An Action Plan for Carbon Capture

The EU has set itself on an ambitious pathway to decarbonise its economy by the middle of the century. Achievement of this net-zero climate ambition by 2050 will require the considerable quantities of CO2 emitted by industrial processes to be captured and permanently stored. In addition, CO2 must be captured from the air and from biogenic sources for use as a feedstock to replace products that release greenhouse gases and to compensate for residual emissions. ...

Commission should appoint carbon capture 'czar'

Brussels, 15 May 2024 -- Appointment by the Commission of a carbon capture envoy or ‘czar’ will help secure the needed acceleration in the technology’s deployment, says advocacy body CCS Europe. A target to capture 280 million tonnes of CO2 annually by 2040 was proposed in the Commission’s recent Communication on Industrial Carbon Management. But with projects currently under construction set to deliver less than 2 per cent of this figure, and with most...
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What is Carbon Capture and Storage?

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology has the sole purpose of curbing climate change by reducing the volume of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions released into the atmosphere or withdrawing those already within it. 

Emissions from industrial processes and remaining fossil fuel power plants must be captured and transported for permanent storage in deep geological formations, to be supplemented by CO2 captured directly from the air.

CCS Europe: Who we are

CCS Europe is an advocacy and communications body supported by technology providers, project developers, industry and environmental NGOs, who share a commitment to achieve significant reductions in CO2 emissions.

CCS Europe’s objective is to secure recognition of the urgent need to deploy carbon capture technologies to curb CO2 emissions from industrial sources and reduce CO2 already within the atmosphere.

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