Roadshow in Poland with CCS Europe

On 9-10 April, CCS Europe hosted a two-day roadshow in Warsaw to discuss the rollout of CCS in Poland. 

The event was well attended by industry experts and national policy makers, who discussed the key role of CCS in phasing out industrial emissions in Poland. During the meeting with Polish industry representatives, new Secretary of State Krzysztof (Chris) Bolesta stated that Poland will aim to prepare a CCS implementation strategy within a year. Mr. Bolesta also highlighted that the 50Mt CO2 storage capacity called for by 2030 in the Net Zero Industry Act is dwarfed by the size of the country's emissions. Although the majority stem from the use of coal, a significant proportion of emissions are derived from hard-to-abate industry sectors that have no alternative but to make use of carbon capture technology.

The message from Mr. Bolesta is that industry needs to raise its voice and tell government that it needs support for carbon capture. "Please put pressure on me," he said. More about CCS can be expected when the government publishes its National Energy and Climate Plan, with a fully-fledged strategy to follow. Mr. Bolesta insisted that more money and support for CCS was needed from the EU, and agreed with CCS Europe director Chris Davies that the end of free ETS allowances for industry was going to force fresh thinking about how best to proceed.

Our Director for CCS Europe, Chris Davies warned that, with the CBAM providing some protection from global competition, industry was bound to pass on costs to consumers. "The question is whether industry will use the money to buy allowances at ever increasing prices while still emitting CO2, or whether investment will take place in carbon capture to deal with the problem." Industry representatives at the event emphasised that the Polish government had to ensure that CO2 transport provision was created, whether by private means or by a state-backed initiative. "Operators of production sites cannot be expected to be responsible for CO2 transport and storage," said one.

Chris emphasised that Poland now has a minister who is prepared to unlock the door to CCS, but it it up to the industry to speak up, get organised, and push the door open.