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Founding Statement

Carbon Capture & Storage Europe (CCS Europe) is a political advocacy and communications campaign body.

Our objective is to secure recognition by policymakers and citizens across Europe of the urgent need to deploy carbon capture technologies to curb CO2 emissions from energy-intensive and industrial sources that are hard to decarbonise by other means, and to achieve negative emissions by removing CO2 directly from the atmosphere or from sustainable biogenic sources.

Our focus is permanent storage of CO2 in geological formations or in materials where CO2 is permanently chemically bound under normal use and disposal.

CCS Europe will work to promote the introduction of regulatory and financial measures that can stimulate the necessary investment by business and public authorities.

Membership of CCS Europe is open to organisations working within Europe that demonstrate a public commitment and a credible plan towards achieving emission reductions in line with the Paris agreement.

CCS Europe calls on the European Commission to urgently propose a strategy to advance deployment of carbon capture technologies and CO2 storage on the scale needed to achieve the ambition of climate neutrality no later than 2050. CCS Europe equally calls on European governments to develop national CCS strategies.

Acknowledging the overwhelming support amongst climate scientists for the need to capture and store CO2 in very large quantities, such strategies must recognise, amongst other measures, the need to:

1. Require all European countries to set clear targets for carbon capture deployment and planning for CO2 storage
2. Provide sufficient, accessible and fairly distributed capacity to permanently store CO2 across Europe
3. Promote initial development of a broad range of industrial carbon capture clusters by 2030
4. Ensure the coherence of regulatory frameworks at EU and national level
5. Develop an inter-regional CO2 transportation network by land and water
6. Propose financial and regulatory mechanisms sufficient for carbon capture deployment at the scale necessary
7. Address the need to provide accelerated permitting and licensing procedures for carbon capture deployment and CO2 infrastructure planning
8. Foster synergies and collaboration with carbon capture value chain partners

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