Join our Movement

Join our Movement

Why Become A Member


As a member of a campaign group with a track record of impact, you will be part of a diverse alliance of stakeholders to create actual policy change.


As a member of CCS Europe, you will have the opportunity to take part in exclusive events and webinars in Brussels and across Member States to support our advocacy efforts.


You will benefit from CCS Europe’s powerful network of connections and relationships. Be in the room for face-to-face discussions with the most important decision-makers on CCS policy in the EU institutions.

What We Stand For

We demand ambitious policy frameworks at European level, which elevate CCS to a priority issue for the European Union.

We advocate for policies at a national level that aim to kickstart CCS investments in EU Member States.

We aim to change perceptions of CCS, and ensure that it is recognised as a necessary step towards climate neutrality.

We push for action to turn CCS from a ‘pipe-dream’ to an industrial-scale solution.

Why We Exist

CCS Europe exists to impress the urgency of the situation upon policymakers at EU and national levels. 

Our objective is to secure recognition by policymakers and citizens across Europe of the urgent need to deploy carbon capture technologies to curb CO2 emissions from energy-intensive and industrial sources that are hard to decarbonise by other means, and to achieve negative emissions by removing CO2 directly from the atmosphere or from sustainable biogenic sources.

Our focus is permanent storage of CO2 in geological formations or in materials where CO2 is permanently chemically bound under normal use and disposal.

CCS Europe will work to promote the introduction of regulatory and financial measures that can stimulate the necessary investment by business and public authorities.


Join us

Ignorance of CCS technology remains widespread. Most EU governments still do not have strategies for industrial decarbonisation and CCS deployment. We need strong and effective political advocacy for CCS - in Brussels and in national capitals. Now is the time when we can make a real difference and shape the agenda for the future. Now is the time to make CCS happen. Join us today and  start making your contribution.