Past Event

MEP Breakfast: Can the Net-Zero Industry Act be a turning point for Carbon and Capture Deployment in the EU?

September 06, 2023 at 8:00am - 9:15am
European Parliament - Members' Salon

Major industrial emitters have no means of achieving emission reductions on the scale needed to achieve net-zero without capturing CO2 and sending it for permanent storage. Cement, lime, steel, chemicals, waste-to-energy and other hard-to-abate sectors say they need CCS, but until this year nothing on the scale needed was being proposed to make it happen.

The Net-Zero Industry Act can mark a turning point for CCS. Votes in the European Parliament’s ENVI and ITRE Committees take place in September and October. Negotiations at the EU level could last until the European elections.  As global temperatures soar, this is the last chance for current MEPs to make a difference to the climate agenda.

Join Net-Zero Industry Act rapporteur Christian Ehler MEP (ITRE) to find out why this is so important. 


Moderator: Chris Davies, CCS Europe Director

8h00 - 8h05: Introduction remarks by MEP Christian Ehler

8h05 - 8h15: Importance and State of Play of Carbon Capture and Storage in Europe


  • Clean Air Task Force
  • Bellona

8h15 - 8h40: Round table discussion role of CCS in Europe’s Industry Decarbonisation efforts


  • Tim Van den Bossche, CEO of Carmeuse EMEA and EuLA Pdt.
  • Paul De Bruycker, CEO of Indaver Group, President of CEWEP. 
  • Vincent Michel, GO4Zero Project Director, Holcim. 

8h40 - 9h10: Roundtable of discussions and Q&A

9h10 - 9h15: Concluding remarks by MEP Ehler. 


Sponsored by MEP Christian Ehler, the Breakfast Meeting will take place on 6th September 2023 from 8h00 to 9h15. 

NB This is a limited capacity, in-person only event.