Chris Davies, Director at CCS Europe, joined as panelist the online event on "Carbon capture and storage: A new frontier in clean tech?" hosted by the European Patent Office.

Hundreds of thousands of patents for scientific and technological breakthroughs are registered with the European Patent Office (EPO). Now the EPO has introduced a special section on its website that can take researchers direct to the latest ideas applicable to CCS. Amongst them will be breakthroughs that could bring down capital and operating costs and raise the ability to capture and store CO2. Across Europe there are companies interested in supplying the equipment that will be needed on a vast scale if the ambitions for CO2 reductions are to be achieved. If they are not doing so already they should be keeping a close eye on the latest patents being registered. The possibility of creating partnerships with the authors, and taking breakthrough ideas through to commercial application, could prove of great benefit to European industry and to the achievement of our climate goals.