No net zero without CCS - launch summary

25 April CCS Europe launch

No net zero without CCS - launch summary

On 25 April CCS Europe marked the official launch of our new coalition with a roundtable discussion in the European Parliament. Sponsored by MEP Marinescu, we gathered in the European Parliament with our members and other stakeholders within the industry to address the importance of Carbon Capture and Storage.

Our very own Director and champion on CCS, former MEP Chris Davies, opened proceedings by emphasising the importance of CCS in reaching net zero, and the need for European leadership in this domain. His remarks were followed by statements from CCS Europe’s founding members. MEP Marinescu rounded off proceedings by noting that the European Commission’s Net Zero Industry Act proposal was a gamechanger for EU green policy frameworks, and congratulated the Commission for including CCS in its proposal.

Members had the chance to say a few words about their industries and why CCS was a key point of interest to them. They stressed the fact that the momentum is really building around carbon capture as a necessary part of the decarbonisation equation. Increasing investment in CCS infrastructure and using this technology as a way to increase European competitiveness were core topics in the discussions around the table.

This day represents the start of the journey for this new coalition in driving home the importance CCS to policymakers, industry, and stakeholders, as one of the many efforts taken to in the European Green Deal. As our event motto states, “there is no net-zero without CCS”.

About us

CCS Europe is an advocacy and communications body supported by technology providers, project developers, industry and environmental NGOs, who share a commitment to achieve significant reductions in CO2 emissions.

CCS Europe’s objective is to secure recognition of the urgent need to deploy carbon capture technologies to curb CO2 emissions from industrial sources and reduce CO2 already within the atmosphere.

CCS Europe will work to encourage European and national policymakers to introduce regulatory and financial instruments that can stimulate the necessary investment.