Looking back at 2023


It was hard to get it started, but with more projects being announced every week the CCS ball is now definitely moving. Trouble is, we have a hill to climb. Once we top the crest our CCS ball will start rolling downhill, with final investment decisions being announced with accelerating momentum. But for the present we are still pushing the ball uphill.

CCS Europe was launched eight months ago to give the ball an extra push by encouraging policymakers to support measures that will clear its path. We bring together industry representatives and environmentalists. Our focus is the hard-to-abate sectors like lime, cement, aluminium, chemicals, steel and waste-to-energy.

Our programme of work has involved meetings with high level European Commission officials, events in the European Parliament, drafting legislative amendments that are now under consideration, and communications of all sorts. In the minds of many, CCS Europe is now established as the go-to organisation if you want to find out what’s happening about CCS.

In 2024 we are going to increase our advocacy work. We will be seeking to strengthen the Commission’s efforts to promote CCS deployment. We will be reaching out to national capitals because it is the policies of Member States that will give the CCS ball the best possible push. We will challenge critics to explain how net zero can be achieved without the use of the technology.

Thank you to all members of CCS Europe for your support during the year!

There’s lots to be done. Let’s make 2024 the year in which the CCS ball passes the tipping point and starts to roll all by itself.