Chris (Krzysztof) Bolesta, the European Commission’s team leader on CCUS who has done much to put the technology back on the EU’s climate policy agenda, will leave his job in DG ENER at the end of this week to become Deputy Minister responsible for climate policy in the new Polish Government.

He is widely credited as having breathed new life and vigour into the debate about the role that carbon capture will play in meeting Europe’s net-zero ambitions.

The consultative CCUS Forum he created in 2021 has brought together thousands of participants, particularly from hard-to-abate industry sectors.

Their suggestions have contributed to his preparation of the Commission’s draft Industrial Carbon Management Strategy, expected to be published on 6 February 2024. 

Chris Bolesta, an economist, started work on CCS with the European Commission back in 2006. He spent nearly five years from 2011-2015 as an advisor to the Polish energy and climate minister, and to the president of COP19. He returned to Brussels four years ago.

Chris Davies, director of advocacy body CCS Europe, said he would be greatly missed by everyone working on the subject.

"As a former MEP I’ve known and worked with Chris Bolesta on CCS issues for nearly 17 years and we have shared a few disappointments together. Since returning to the Commission his knowledge and enthusiasm as CCUS team leader have lifted everyone involved and helped stimulate greater interest in the technology than ever before." 

"The job he has had with the Commission has not been easy, but the job he is going to have in Poland is going to be even harder. The whole CCUS community will wish him the best of luck."