A target for carbon capture said to be “indispensable” to the achievement of 2040 climate goals will not be met unless Commissioners raise their game, warns advocacy body CCS Europe.

Fewer than ten carbon capture plants are currently in operation or under construction within the EU, but CCS Europe claims that a major project needs to commence every eight days for the next 14 years to achieve the Commission’s target of 280MT CO2 capture annually by 2040.

Director Chris Davies says in a letter to Ursula von der Leyen that the scale up in ambition required is extraordinary, and can only be achieved if Member States play an active role and promote national carbon capture strategies.

“The majority of EU governments are failing to do this, and failing even to acknowledge the crucial role that capture will play in decarbonising hard-to-abate industry sectors and reducing the concentration of CO2 already in the atmosphere,” he commented.

“With National Energy and Climate Plans now being prepared this is a crucial time.  Instead of looking for new jobs the climate, energy and industry Commissioners need to get out to national capitals and sell their policy.”

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