Campaigns body CCS Europe has welcomed today's 43-12 vote in the Parliament's industry committee for amendments to the Net Zero Industry Act.

The committee endorsed the Commission's proposal that 50 million tonnes of CO2 storage capacity should be provided by 2030.

CCS Europe director, Chris Davies, said the MEPs had made many suggestions that would help shape the final legislation positively.

"The committee's clear statement that CCS will contribute to mitigating climate change (New Recital 12a) sends an important message to EU governments that still have not considered national policies for industrial carbon management," he claimed.

However, he warned that the MEPs' call for ALL suppliers of fossil fuels to contribute to providing CO2 storage risked weakening the specific obligation on oil and gas companies to do so.

"MEPs are right to raise the issue but it could create a legal minefield. Time is of the essence so we support the Commission's proposal and hope that agreement to do so will be reached through trilogue negotiations."