CCS Europe Position Paper on Industrial Carbon Management Strategy

Read here CCS Europe's position paper in response to the European Commission’s Industrial Carbon Management Strategy (ICMS).

According to the Commission’s own estimates, 280 million tonnes of CO2 will have to be captured and stored by 2040 in order to reach 90% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions . By 2050, this number will have to reach 450 Mt. CCS Europe asks the European Commission, Member States, and funding authorities to take their responsibilities in driving forward the changes required. 

In its position paper, CCS Europe highlights six policy priorities to support the rollout of CCS technologies in the EU:

1. Political leadership

2. Strengthening the business case for CCS investment

3. A regulatory framework to support CCS deployment

4. Comprehensive financing support

5. A comprehensive carbon removal policy

6. Public perception

Download the full position paper below!


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