CCS Europe meets with Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson

Members of CCS Europe have met with Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson, to discuss the urgent need for CCS deployment if industrial decarbonisation is to be achieved.

During our meeting we stressed that Member States need to set targets and put in place financial support mechanisms that can provide industry with a business case for CCS investment. We emphasised that a very rapid scale-up in ambitions is essential. We made clear that EU-wide regulatory standards on CO2 purity are needed, and that to encourage investment there needs to be some financial rewards when CCS removes CO2 already in the atmosphere - without which net-zero emissions cannot be achieved,

The Commission welcomed the support given by CCS Europe for its initiatives. She suggested that publication of the Industrial Carbon Management Strategy on February 6 will do much to promote debate about the need for CCS within EU policy making. Comissioner welcomed the fact that 20 Member States have at least made some reference to CCS in the draft National Energy and Climate Plans.

The Aalborg Declaration, with its strong recognition of the need for CCS to curb emissions from hard-to-abate industrial sectors, has been signed by just five Member States. The Commissioner said efforts would be made to get many more commitments by the end of the year.

It was indicated during the meeting that the Industrial Carbon Management Strategy will seek to:

  • Give clear definitions to CCS initiatives and address potential gaps. 
  • Address different aspects of CO2 transport and its various modalities. 
  • Consider the entire value chain of CCS projects, including investment strategies, management processes and access to CO2 infrastructures.

The Commissioner speculated on the degree to which legislative initiatives to support CCS deployment might be prepared to greet the arrival of the next Commission in the autumn.

CCS Europe would like to thank all of its members who took part in the meeting with Commissioner Simson.