We are celebrating one year of CCS Europe! 

On 25 April 2023, we started our advocacy campaign towards the rollout of CCS technologies across all EU member states. Since then, we have organised multiple events and webinars with our members, policymakers and industries to discuss the key role of CCS in decarbonising Europe's economy and reaching the net-zero emission targets. 

So far, we organised in-person events in the European Parliament with national stakeholders, we invited experts to speak at our webinars and attended third-party events. We have grown our media and social media platforms thanks to our insightful engagements with policy experts and industries interested in the topic of CCS. We also closely followed the legislative developments on the rollout of CCS, and sent out open letters and position statements about the importance of having a CCS strategy put into place in all member states. 

Our goal is to continue to educate, advocate and showcase CCS technologies as an indispensable technology for the hard-to-abate industries who cannot otherwise abate their emissions. We will continue to nudge Commissioners and national governments to adopt national CCS strategies that will help industries bolster these technologies while getting the financial support they need and reach the 2040 and 2050 climate targets. 

We look forward to fostering more fruitful discussions with our members, industries and policymakers to make CCS happen!