Past Event

Making CCS happen - Country by Country

November 28, 2023 at 7:30am - 9am
Musikkens Hus - Aalborg, Denmark

The European Commission and Member States are currently holding dialogues regarding the National Energy and Climate Action Plans for 2030. While the final versions will have to be submitted by summer of next year, the few plans made available highlight that national capitals are likely to neglect showcasing how hard-to-abate sectors will contribute to the 2050 net-zero targets and make little to no reference to the role that CCS can play in emissions reduction efforts.

The recent Net-Zero Industry Act can mark a turning point for carbon capture and storage across Europe by setting up a storage target. However, one question remains: how can the CCS deployment across Europe be accelerated by mobilising Member States?

Join us at this first-ever side event to be organised at a meeting of the CCUS Forum.  Register for our presentation and panel discussion together with a pleasant Danish breakfast Here, but please note that places (and especially breakfasts!) are strictly limited, so do not delay.

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7:30-7:45 - Welcome breakfast 

7:45-7:50 - Introductory remarks by CCS Europe Director, Chris Davies 

7:50-8:00 - Keynote address by Rodolphe Nicolle, Secretary General of European Lime Association (EuLA) 

8:00-8:10 - Presentation on the state of play of National Climate and Energy Plans across the EU by Eadbhard Pernot, Policy Manager, Carbon Capture, Clean Air Task Force 

8:10-8:45 - Panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities to unlock CCS deployment across Member States to deliver on the EU 2050 net-zero targets. Moderated by CCS Europe Director, Chris Davies 

  • Krzysztof (Chris) Bolesta, CO2 Capture, Use and Storage, Team Leader, DG ENER, European Commission
  • Willie Coetzee, Director, Government Relations and Business Development, Honeywell
  • Pieter Tavenier, Head of CCS Business Development, Gasunie
  • Morten Skovgaard Olsen, Advisor for the Danish Energy Agency and the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities 

8:45-8:55 - Questions and Answers from the audience 

8:55-9:00 - Concluding remarks and recommendations for action by Jonas Helseth, Director of Bellona Europa

Potential topics of discussion:   

  • Panellists to discuss decarbonisation efforts and projects taking place at national level. 
  • Barriers encountered at the national and EU level which prevent a faster deployment of CCS projects. 
  • What is required at national level to unlock and propel CCS deployment? 
  • What needs to take place at the EU level to assist in these efforts? 
  • How can stakeholders engage at national level? 


Special thanks to the European Lime Association (EuLA), Bellona and Clean Air Task Force (CATF) for their support and sponsorship of this event. 

CCS EUROPE – Campaigning to make CCS happen!

[1] N.B. While tickets for the event are freely accessible, we will manually confirm your registration. You will only be considered fully registered once you receive an email from our part enacting your presence on the guestlist. Please note there is a limited capacity.